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Myrtle Beach Concealed Carry Class March 4th 2017


This Concealed Carry course includes class instruction plus range qualification which allows you to apply for a South Carolina concealed carry permit once the course is completed. Take your class right away and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with proper firearm training for self-defense!

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This course will qualify you for obtaining the necessary training certificate when applying for your SC concealed carry permit. You will be taught the fundamentals of proper and safe pistol handling and firing in a safe and comfortable environment with one of the state’s best instructors.

More About The CCW Class

The first part of the course is going over SC Legal aspects, which covers but is not limited to:

-SC law of self defense

-SC Common Law

-Legal use of deadly force

-Castle Doctrine

-Alter Ego Act

-Designated “No concealed weapons allowed” areas.

The second part of the course covers firearm safety:

-Safe handling and unloading of a firearm.

-Cleaning your firearm

-Safe storage of your firearms and ammunition

-Proper grip and sight alignment

-Marksmanship fundementals

Shooting qualification:

After the classroom part of the course is completed, students will shoot a target with multiple strings of fire to qualify for their CWP.

All strings of fire are 5 rounds each at a distance of: 3,5,7,10,12, and 15 yards.

Where is the Class Held?

The class is held by the Rite-Aid next to Hwy 17. The classroom is located and accessed in the back of the office building. The door will have a sign on it. You will get the exact address once you sign up for the course.

More About Your Instructor

I’m originally from Oklahoma where I grew up spending most of my time in the woods, hunting or fishing. Firearms has been one of my biggest passions throughout my life and being able to pass that onto others is why I became an instructor. I also teach martial arts and incorporate that into the defensive side of shooting.

How Do You Sign Up For the Course?

Scroll up and click the Add to Cart button or call us at the number at the top of the site!