Truck Rampage Ends in Pistol Whipping

Fort Mill, South Carolina — A man has been arrested after being detained by a citizen with a concealed carry permit Sunday evening.

Witnesses told WSOCTV a man got into his black truck and used the vehicle to repeatedly ram into three or four other parked cars nearby. A bystander was caught in the mayhem when his foot became trapped under one of the cars the suspect was ramming.

One of the drivers of the destruction jumped out of his car and drew the gun he is licensed to carry concealed. He then struck the suspect in the head with his pistol, causing it to fire.

“I thought he shot him, but he had pistol-whipped the fellow and that’s what made the gun go off,” witness John Simpson told WSOCTV. “I’m glad the young fellow’s not being charged or anything because he had incredible restraint.”

Simpson went on to say the suspect lay on the ground unconscious from the blow he received from the driver’s gun until police arrived.

“The fellow who got his head cracked open and caused all this, is out cold behind my car,” he said.

The victim, whose foot was trapped under a car, was transported to the hospital for the injuries he sustained in the attack, but there have been no reports on his condition.

The York County Sheriff’s Office said the suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries and charges will be filed against him after his release. The Sheriff’s Office also said there will be no charges filed against the driver for his use of force.

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