Unknown Man Shot by Williamston Homeowner

Williamston, South Carolina — According to Anderson County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO), an unknown man was shot and killed after he attempted to break into a home located on Boiter Rd on Sunday night.

Sgt. J.T. Foster, a spokesman with ACSO, says an unidentified man was shot in the chest while in the door way of the home after gaining entry.

Deputy Coroner Don McCown is currently working to identify the man and to contact his family but has so far not hasn’t had any success, but puts the mans age somewhere between 25-30 years old.

Information is sparse in this investigation, with deputies unsure of why the man was trying to break into the home.

“(The suspect) was trying to gain entry to the residence, but we are not sure for what purpose.” said McCown.

The homeowner was not identified by police to protect his identity and law enforcement officials declined to press charges against the homeowner who acted within his rights to protect both himself and his family from the threat of a burglar.

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