Criminals Bogus Story Didn’t Check Out As to Why He’d Been Shot.

Frankie Furman

A man from Sumter, South Carolina, is in jail today after he told police he’d been shot while in the Manning Avenue area on Tuesday.

But when police went to investigate, Tonyia McGirt, public information officer for Sumter Police Department said that they could not find any evidence of a shooting occurring there.

However, they did have a lead as to how Frankie Furman came to be shot. But it wasn’t the story he told police when they came to interview him at Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital where he was being treated for a gunshot wound to his upper body.

According to police, two women were parking in a residence driveway when Furman parked his vehicle behind their car and got out.

Furman pulled a gun then ordered the women to give up their purses and jewelry. The two women complied immediately.

One of the women was able to obtain a legal handgun from inside the vehicle and fired a shot at Furman, who drove off quickly.

They then called police and notified them of the shooting. 30 minutes later, police responded to the hospital to interview Furman and check out his bogus story.

The police were not taken in by Furman’s lie however and were able to trace the vehicle seen in the area of the robbery and the description of the attacker back to him.

Furman was treated for his gunshot wound at the hospital and released into the waiting arms of investigators who booked him into Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center.

He was charged with armed robbery, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and filing a false police report.

It’s important to note here that if the women had had their firearm in their purses, they would have lost the only chance they had to defend themselves. Fortunately, they were still able to get a hold of the weapon in the car.

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