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Woman Shoots Ex-Boyfriend Who Attempted To Kidnap Her

Anderson County Shooting

An Anderson County woman’s hellish ordeal came to an end on Friday afternoon thanks to her quick thinking actions and a little help from a firearm.

In the early morning hours of last Friday, May 11th, 36-year-old Rodney Nixon, an ex-boyfriend of the woman who is the subject of our story (Her name is not being released for her own safety at this time) broke into the woman’s home at Grady Hall Road at around 6:30 a.m.

When Nixon entered the home he proceeded to assault a man who was staying with Nixon’s ex at the time. Nixon then followed this up by snatching the woman up and dragging her to his car where he proceeded to drive off with his unwilling passenger.

After a little bit, a bit of luck struck Nixon’s kidnapping victim as the car they were in began to stall near Broad Mill Road. This caused Nixon to exit the car in an attempt to find someone to help him with the situation. Forcing his ex to come with him, Nixon walked to a nearby house where he asked a homeowner to drive himself and his victim back to his stalled car and give him a jump.

That’s when things got even more nuts, according to Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore. Who reported on what happened next.

“The homeowner agreed to do that, and he lets them get into the back seat of his car and puts the jumper cables up front,” Shore said. “He’s going to drive back to where their car broke down, but when he backs out of the driveway, he (Nixon) pulls a gun out and says, ‘Just keep driving.’”

That’s when Nixon’s second kidnapping victim of the day told Nixon that he did not have much fuel in his vehicle and got Nixon to agree to take them to a gas station to fill up the car.

Upon arriving at the gas station, Nixon got out of the vehicle to pump gas but in doing so left his firearm inside the car. This was the opening his kidnapped ex-girlfriend needed. The woman then got control of the gun and proceeded to shoot Nixon. The shots rang true and Nixon collapsed to the ground and died at the station.

There have been no reports regarding charges against the woman for her shooting Rodney Nixon, and it’s pretty fair to say there are not likely to be any as it seems a pretty open and shut case of a defensive gun use.

What do you all think of this story? Do you know of any tactics that you would use should you be forced into combat in a car like the woman in this story was? Let us know in the comments below.

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