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Gaffney Woman Defends Home against Invaders, One Armed with Shotgun

Gaffney South Carolina Shooting

Gaffney, South Carolina has been in the headlines in recent years due to its popularity on the television show House of Cards, but after last Friday night, they have been in the headlines for a different reason.

A Gaffney woman was forced to defend herself against an armed home invader at her 112 Piney Knob Drive home address in Gaffney at about 3:25 in the morning last Friday.

The incident began when 41-year-old Charles Shannon Alley knocked on the door of the 112 Piney Knob Drive address and according to Cherokee County Coroner (A spoiler as to how this story ends) Dennis Fowler, “A male answered the door, Alley allegedly pushed his way inside and began to fight with the resident while threatening to do harm to another male and female present also present. While engaged in the altercation, Alley was allegedly shot in the head by the female resident.”

The male resident of the home, Tim Anthony, stated, with regard to the beginning of the altercation that “I went to crack the door open and they barged, at least two of them, barged through the door and knocked me through the wall,”

It was at that point that his girlfriend, whose name is not being released to the public at this time, fired two shots at the assaulting burglars and hitting her deadly shot true on Charles Shannon Alley.

“It was either him or me,” Tim Anthony said of the deadly event.

As for the other assailant, the chaos of the shooting caused him to run off, but he was captured by authorities and actually faced down the woman in court, though that is the only time she will be seeing a courtroom as there are no legal ramifications for her defensive actions.

What do you think of this story? Do you believe your home is ready in case an attacker invaded it? Let us know in the comments below.

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