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Kershaw County Man Defends His Property from Criminal Until Police Arrive

South Carolina DGU

Kershaw County certainly isn’t the biggest in the state, so it’s a rarity that someone is going to have to deal with a crime there, but the 60,000-70,000 certainly seem to be prepared if they ever did have to handle one if it arises and handle it someone did during a recent theft attempt in the county.

According to police reports, the incident occurred at around 5:00 in the evening on Saturday, November 4th. 21-year-old Nicholas Hull-Martinez had just wrapped up stealing 2 duffel bags worth of items from his targeted house including a rifle that belonged to the home’s owner.

But speaking of the homeowner and his guns, little did Hull-Martinez know that said homeowner saw what Hull-Martinez was doing and was about to confront him. Luckily the homeowner had another of his firearms on him at the time of the encounter.

As Hull-Martinez saw this man and his gun approaching he did what many criminals do in a situation like this. He attempted to run. When he attempted to jump a fence, Hull-Martinez got stuck, allowing the homeowner to catch up to him and with a little assistance from said fence, the homeowner was able to hold Hull-Martinez at gunpoint until the authorities arrived to take him away.

In an address to the media, Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews stated that…

“The armed homeowner did a commendable job in catching this thief, This is a good example of a lawfully armed citizen taking reasonable steps to protect his life and property.” 

Which goes to show the power of being simply armed and trained to handle a situation. Shots don’t need to be fired and nobody even needs to get hurt. You just need to be prepared to defend yourself and your property in case a person like Nicholas Hull-Martinez ever attempts to break down your door.

And that’s why we here at Concealed Carry Inc. do what we do. We train citizens to become more than just a member of society. We train them to become the guardians of our society. Protecting themselves and the other innocents from the scourge of crime that has been around since the beginnings of humanity. And we’re happy to have you on our good and righteous team.

Now, it may not always be wise or legal to hold someone at gun point. What are your thoughts about how the homeowner dealt with the situation?

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